Conservatree is now Chroma

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Why change our name?

Because we want you to remember what makes us special.

Our old name (Conservatree) emphasised our environmental leadership at a time when 'green' was just the colour between blue and yellow to most. Now that others have joined us on the sustainability bandwagon we are shifting the spotlight to our core business - as we excel there, too!

Chroma is an ancient Greek word that means purity, intensity and vividness of colour. Colour is critically important on all of your marketing material as it is at the heart of your brand. As Chroma we stand alongside you as brand guardians, helping you to succeed through our relentless pursuit of consistency in the colour and quality of your printed deliverables.

You already know you can trust us because of our print and colour expertise, state-of-the-art technology and commitment to perfection.

Our new name simply reminds you what we do so well.